Company Parentage
 Skytanking Holding GmbH

Skytanking is one of the few international companies offering independent aviation fuel handling services to airlines, airports and oil companies.
Skytanking is currently present at 46 international airports in 13 countries, handling over 12.5 billion litres (3.3 billion gallons) of jet fuel and fuelling more than 1 million aircrafts per year.

Skytanking specializes in designing, financing, building and operating aviation fuel storage and hydrant systems, as well as providing into-plane fuelling services. Our business is handling jet fuel for airlines, airports and oil companies. They specialize in funding, building and operating all parts of the on-airport jet fuel supply chain:

Storage facilities
Fuel hydrant systems
Into-plane fuelling
Skytanking has established head offices in Europe and the USA from which we offer Skytanking\92s services anywhere in the world.

For more contact:
Skytanking Holding GmbH
Admiralit\E4tstrasse 55,
20459 Hamburg, Germany.

+49 (0) 40-370 99-454
+1 954 618 1820
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