About IOSL

IndianOil Skytanking Limited (IOSL), is a Joint Venture company promoted by Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), M/s Skytanking Holding GmbH, Germany (ST) and M/s IOT Infrastructure & Energy Services Limited (IOT) with equal equity participation of 1/3rd each.


IndianOil Skytanking Ltd (IOSL) incorporated in August 2006, is currently India’s leading private company in the field of Operations and Maintenance of Fuel Farm and Into plane services. IOSL subsequently established into the business of commissioning of Hydrant systems.


IOSL commenced operations in the first Open Access Airport in the country at Bangalore Airport in the year 2008. Three years later a second location at the National Capital of India “Delhi Terminal T3” followed, biggest Airport in India.


Today, the new T3 terminal at Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport, is India's and South Asia's largest and most important aviation hub. T3, a state-of-the-art and integrated terminal, is the world’s eighth largest passenger terminal. IndianOil Skytanking Ltd (IOSL) is a proud partner in this world class creation and played its part in ensuring that the airport was operationally ready on due date by commissioning the largest Fuel Hydrant System of the country. With effect from 14th July 2010, IOSL operates the Fuel Farm and the Fuel Hydrant System that caters to T2 and T3 Terminals of Delhi International Airport.


IOSL is also one of the Into Plane Service providers at Delhi IGI. In Delhi alone, IOSL handles more that 1,31,000 KL per month and refuels more than 230 aircrafts daily. IOSL has in-house design engineering team who have already exhibited their capabilities in Procurement of Dispensers and Refuellers for Delhi and Bangalore Airports and Commissioning of Delhi and Bangalore Fuel Hydrant Systems.


IOSL is a ISO 9001 & 14001 accredited organisation. The credit rating of IOSL is CRISIL AA- stable.

IOSL entered the Mumbai Airport in 2012 with the job of commissioning of modified Hydrant System at Mumbai Airport with the aim to get familiarized with the topography Mumbai Airport. The commissioning of the modified Hydrant System was huge challenge with many obstacles. Further in January 2013, IOSL entered into 1 year contract with IndianOil for providing qualified manpower assistance for undertaking their refueling operations at Mumbai (Domestic) airport


On 1st November 2013,IOSL took over the operations and was on its toes driving through the extremely busy and totally congested Mumbai Airport (Santacruz) in carrying out the Into plane Refueling services .After two months later, IOSL Mumbai is a well oiled unit by carrying out refueling of 11,115 aircrafts till 31st December 2013 successfully.

IOSL has also been engaged in the business of Technical Consultancy to Airport Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractors, Airport Operators as well as in the Commissioning of Fuel Hydrant Lines at Airports.


IOSL believes that “Success does not come from doing easy work but comes after the achievement of a challenging and difficult task that demands best efforts and right attitude”.

And the IOSL journey continues……………………

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